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The Curriculum

Coding is not about code.  Coding is ...
    * Communication
    * A cognitive tool
    * Practical problem solving

These carefully designed projects form the core of our Software Development curriculum. If you study them as recommended you will learn the fundamentals of programming & software development. Skills that transfer between any language or development environment. You won’t learn any particular framework in depth. Instead, you will explore the fundamental design principles behind popular frameworks while building your own full-stack application fron scratch using Vanilla JavaScript.

Each project is meant to be just a starting point. After you’ve finished the requirements and you’ve understood the main learning objectives, take the simple base provided and make it something awesome.

Our projects do not cover the basics of JavaScript, DOM, HTML/CSS, or any other popular framework or library. There are already thousands of great places to learn those things. We link to our favorites in General Resources, and directly from the projects where you’ll need them.

To study the projects we recommend you fork+clone the project repos. This will allow you to take notes, study sourcecode, and modify samples directly from your computer.


Stay tuned! We’ll release more projects as we finish moving them to GitHub.


Get all the little stuff out of the way first. Once you’re comfortable with JavaScript and have a live Gh-Pages Portfolio, you’re ready to move on to The Essentials.


The Essentials

Prepare yourself for success by establing strong study habits, learning to read & use code, understanding application desing, and mastering human-centered development.


Full Stack

Take a deep dive into designing and building fullstack applications.

  1. Modular Design
  2. API’s
  3. Front End Apps
  4. Fullstack
  5. NPM Modules
  6. Advanced Async


Front End Libraries


Final Project

Dive deep into your interests to set yourself appart. Plan and build a project of your own. Maybe it’s an app, maybe it’s a business, maybe it’s your own open community.