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Bite sized projects

Little projects you can learn from in 45 minutes or less.

Make every minute count!

Gh-Pages Portfolio

Build and publish a live portfolio hosted on your GitHub account.

The Programmer’s Oath

Fork this repo, fill out the README, and feature it on your portfolio.


JavaScript Puzzles

Short functions, objects, or scripts to de-tangle.


CodeWars 2.0

Simply solving a programming challenge isn’t enough for deep learning. Go all-in by treating each code war as a full development project.

Solution Design GitBook

Kata Recommendations:

For more abstract challenges, check out The Euler Project . Learn more about this study method in The Notional Machine, a project from our Fundamentals Series.


Objects 101

Learn a little bit about JavaScript objects with these two study projects.

Objects Video Series:

Progressive Bank Account:


Read, Document, Refactor

Learn how to study source code using detailed code specifications.


Development Schedules

Practice making organized development schedules based on user stories. Pick a simple site like a photo gallery, a portfolio, or a carry out menu. Then build a simple prototype using an agile methodology.

This project is about the plan, not the programming. Use a tool like Mobirise tp build your landing page in minutes so you can focus on the planning process.

User Centered Project Repos:

Landing Page Builders:

Learn more about deployment schedules in the Organizing Development project from our Fundamentals Series.


100 Day CSS

Boost your CSS skilzz with 100 bite sized challenges. Each is presented as a small, completed project. Pick apart the source code, try replicating each one and explaining them to a friend.


JavaScript 30

An outstanding series of 30 small projects accompanied with video tutorials, by Wes Bos.


FlexBox Froggy

An interactive introduction to the CSS FlexBox.