Study Journal Template


Fork this repo and make it your own. You will use it for the remainder of this curriculum to organize, review, and share your notes. Completing this repo will turn your notes into a powerful study & review tool, a showcase of your knowledge, and substantial practice with organizing and deploying projects to GitHub.

Initial setup

  • Fork this repo
  • Set gh-pages settings to build from "master /docs"
    • This will host your notes live at "user_name""repo_name"
  • Clone the repo
  • Run "npm install -g gitbook && gitbook install" in the cloned directory
  • Run "chmod a+x ./scripts/" in the cloned directory

To Publish:

  • Type "./scripts/" from terminal in your Journal directory

Concepts GitBook:


  • You will use this quiz plugin to write self-review quizzes for your notes. The quizzes will be live and interactive on your journal's url.

Directory Structure Explained:

|-- /xx-yy_aa-bb
|   * A folder for each week, labeled by date
|   * There will be one file per day, that day's notes
|   * Or maybe one file every few days. you'll find what works
|-- /concepts
|   * Contains one file for each important concept
|   * You get to decide what these are
|   * Each one of these will become a page in your GitBook
|   * These will link to the days you studied that topic
|-- /docs
|   * The script will buid the GitBook into this folder
|   * GitHub Pages will build from this folder
|-- /node_modules
|   |-- /gitbook-plugin-collapsible-chapters
|   |-- /gitbook-plugin-quiz
|   |-- /jquery
|   |-- /underscore
|-- /quizes
|   * You will have one integrated quiz for each conept
|   * The quizes will be built with gitbook-plugin-quiz
|   * You will add to these quizes regulary as you learn more about this concept
|-- /scripts
|   |--    - Build the GitBook into /docs without publishing
|   |--  - Build & push the new notes GitBook to GitHub
|   |--    - Preview your GitBook at localhost:4000 without building
|-- .gitignore  - Tell Git not to push your node_modules folder to GitHub
|-- book.json   - A file written in JSON format that configures your GitBook
|-- - Guidelines for people who'd like to contribut to your notes
|--  - A license, so people can respect your wishes
|--   - The "cover page" of your repo & GitBook
|--  - Determines what will show up in your GitBook index

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