Hello Elewa Students!

It's very important that you complete the required project in this precourse.

You and your classmates' will thank you for it. Showing up unprepared will not only slow down your learning at Elewa, but will impact your classmates experience as well. Not coming prepared means you will take more of the mentors' time and group class time reviewing material that you should have learned before coming in. This will have a ripple effect through your entire 10 weeks as you will always be a few steps behind your classmates and will have difficulty completing your portfolio. The pressure is on!

But it's not that bad to get ready, slow and steady wins the race! Start today and code every day, even just a bit. Here's a great article about why and how to write code every day. It's written by John Resig himself, the inventor of jQuery. This website is also a great tool for keeping yourself on track.

While you're planning your study schedule, try to keep this simple rule in mind:

80% JavaScript. 20% everything else.

It is important that you have a portfolio to work with, but don't spend too much time on it yet. The basic portfolio you'll complete in FreeCodeCamp is enough - it's more important that you have solid JS fundamentals. And don't worry about having a stylish portfolio just yet, one of our class projects will be rebuilding it with React components.

Take this time before April to get to know each other on the Elewa slack. There's a channel just for you called "april_2018". You can also meet at our appear.in for video chats. Help each other with the projects, keep each other motivated, your classmates will be your greatest asset while in our class!

See you soon,

Elewa Team

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