Elewa Precourse

It's very important that you are comfortable with JS, HTML, CSS and GitHub before moving on in this curriculum. Starting unprepared will not only slow down your learning, but will impact your study partners as well. The pressure is on!

But it's not that bad to get ready, slow and steady wins the race! Start today and code every day, even just a bit. Here's a great article about why and how to write code every day. It's written by John Resig himself, the inventor of jQuery. This website is also a great tool for keeping yourself on track.

While you're planning your study schedule, try to keep this simple rule in mind:

80% JavaScript. 20% everything else.

JavaScript is the most important and the most challenging piece of this pre-course. The more you learn now, the more you will learn later.

It is also important that you have a portfolio to work with. You'll use this portfolio to showcase the work you do in this curriculum, and to present yourself to potential collaborators and employers.

Be sure to sign on to Slack so you can keep in touch!

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