Final Project: Start your portfolio!

The portfolio is the modern diploma. During your time with us you will be continually building and perfecting your portfolio. By the end of this curriculum you GitHub account will be a fully navigable portfolio site where employers and collaborators can come to see what you're made of.

Your portfolio doesn't need to be anything fancy, it can be as simple as this demo Elewa-Student portfolio. What's important is that you have somewhere to easily organize and access all of your work. Showing off un-finished projects is also a good idea, consider having a "completed" and an "in-progress" section. This portfolio is as much for you as it is for other people, it can be a challenge to keep track of all your repositories & projects without a single index.

Your portfolios will also be how you get to know each other. Keep an eye on the #portfolios channel in Slack to see what everyone else is up to!


Learning Objectives

  • Organizing & showcasing your work
  • GitHub
    • Starting a repo
    • Hosting HTML, CSS & JS
    • Writing a good
    • Deploying with Gh-Pages



Create a basic portfolio page to organize and showcase your Precourse projects:

  1. Build an interactive portfolio site using Bootstrap:
    • FreeCodeCamp's Frontend Projects is a great starting point.
    • Make a box to feature each project you've built on Glitch; include a separate link to the demo and the code.
  2. Host your portfolio with GitHub Pages:
    1. Make a GitHub account
    2. Make a repo called [your-user-name]
    3. Move your code to this new repository. Copy pasting your code directly to GitHub is good for now.


  • Include interactive DOM Manipulation in your portfolio
  • Host your code locally on your computer and push to GitHub





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