GH-Pages Portfolio

Github Pages allows you to host static sites directly from your GitHub repositories. The required project for this precourse is to turn your GitHub account into a one-stop-shop showcase of your skills, each project you build in class will be added to the portfolio you start now. You should all be prepared to introduce yourselves with your portfolios on the first day of class.


Here is a simple example of a GitHub portfolio. Study how this interactive portfolio was built using only GitHub repos and GH-Pages hosting. Notice especially what all of the URLs are for the demos, code, and main portfolio. We expect your portfolio to be organized the same way.


Turn your GitHub account into a portfolio like the examples above. It should:

  • Have a main portfolio page hosted at "username"
    • You can do this easily by pushing your code to GitHub and setting your repository settings to build gh-pages from the master branch.
  • Feature your solutions to all the Basic Frontent Projects from Free Code Camp
  • Have a link to both a gh-pages demo, and the source code for each project
  • Be shared Elewa Wiki so everyone can get to know you! (click here for some guidance)

Have fun with this! If you already have some experience programming and want to try out a new front-end library, go for it! Impress yourself.

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