Make Connections

Now that you can learn anything, it's time to do something with that knowledge! Transferring your knowledge into practice is a matter of making connections between seemingly unrelated things. This ability is what will allow you to reliably solve novel challenges using what limited information is available.

Carefully maintaining your Study Journal repository will go a long way towards practicing building connections in your knowledge base. The rest is up to you. When you sit down in front of a new programming challenge, don't dive right in with the first solution that comes to mind. Take some time to understand the problem first. This pause will give your mind a change to explore the problem before committing to a single path.

The more you try to make connections while in the learning zone, the better off you'll be in the long run. Even if it feel slower in the short term. You will develop stronger analytical skills, more effective solutions, and have better skill transfer from the learning environment to the professional environment. Not to mention you'll have a lot more fun :)


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