All My Friends

There's a lot of code in your future. Keeping track of it all is no small challenge.

In this project you build a simple repository for getting to know everyone in your study group. Along the way you will explore the project management tools provided by GitHub.

Don't worry if most of this is confusing right now. These skills require a certain level of code maturity and development experience to master. To help you along the way, each project in our curriculum comes with suggestions for how you can plan and track your progress.

Think of this page in the GitBook as just an introduction (for now) and a reference (for the future).


Learning Objectives

  • Project Management
  • Accountability
  • GitHub PM Features
  • PM Methodologies
  • Meet your buddies



Right Now:

  • On your portfolio repository:
    • Include a link to the Projects page of your portfolio repository.
    • You will open a new gh-project in your portfolio repository for each class project.
  • Complete this mini-project:
    1. Setup - On your GitHub account:
      1. Open a new repository and call it something like "study-buddies".
      2. Make a simple README (so your repo can be forked)
      3. Create a project board in this repository.
      4. Make 3 new columns using the available presets:
        1. To Do: Move all newly added issues ...
        2. In Progress: Move all reopened issues ...
        3. Done: closed issues & merged pull requests
    2. Project - take turns assigning issues and making pull requests:
      • Go around the circle taking turns as "project manager".
      • The PM will ask questions:
        1. Create on issue in their repo for each person in the group
        2. Use the issues to ask each person a question
        3. Mention the person you're asking in the body of the issue (ie. @username)
        4. Associate the issue with your project (on the right hand side of the issue)
      • Each person will answer their PM's question:
        1. Find your mentioned issued in issues / mentioned
        2. Find the issue in it's home repo
        3. Create a fork of the PM's repo
        4. In the fork, create a new file and answer their question
        5. Send them a pull request, mention your issue in the body (ie. #3)
      • The PM will accept or reject each answer:
        1. Check pull requests
        2. Review the answer
        3. Either merge, or ask for modifications
        4. Close the linked issue


  • Each time you start a project from this series, open a new Project Board on your portfolio repo. Use issues & milestones to track your progress through each project and to leave notes for yourself along the way.
  • Each project comes with tracking suggestions, but it's up to you to find a method that you can manage.



GitHub Project Management Features:

Workflow Methodologies:


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