User Empathy

Computers run your code, developers maintain it, and humans use it. This project focuses on the humans who use it.

You will learn about Design Thinking & User Empathy by designing a home page for one of your fellow classmates at a time. The goal is not to learn new tools, not to build an impressive site, the goal is to understand your partner's needs. The portfolio you build should represent them honestly and effectively to employers and other developers.


Learning Objectives

  • User Empathy (end users & future developers)
  • Design Process
  • Conceptual Integrity



This project is a variation of the classic exercise in design thinking: The Wallet Challenge. You will pair up with one other person and design a portfolio/cv to fit their needs.

There is a very specific process you should follow. The process is the project - not the finished portfolio! You can find a template here.

Final Repo Specs:

    • Full project description
    • Index linking to Portfolio Folder README's
    • Notes
  • Portfolio Folders (3+ of them)
    • README - From this template
    • Dev Schedule
    • Diagrams, wireframes, ...
    • /src
      • The finished code for their portfolio



Interview Template

There are a lot of resources here. You should watch/read a minimum of 3 from each section.

Empathy for Developers:

Design Thinking:

Design Thinking for Software Development:

Conceptual Integrity:

One Step Further:


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