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For the precourse you completed 8+ projects from the JavaScript 30 and featured each one on your portfolio. This means your portfolio is already pretty crowded, and we haven't even started! This project has two main objectives:

  1. Consolidate your separate JS 30 solutions into a single landing page
  2. Update your portfolio to feature only this consolidated project instead of 8 separate JS 30 Challenges.


Learning Objectives

This project is a chance for you to get make something pretty cool, pretty quickly. You won't be learning anything life changing:



  1. Take a look at the Elewa Student portfolio and GitHub account to see how we've organized the JS 30 Landing Page.
  2. Install Mobirise & Build a Landing page that features the source and demo for each JS 30 challenge you completed.
  3. Save the code, write a README, push it to a new repo on your GitHub account.
  4. Update your portfolio to include only this project and not each individual challenge.




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